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  • What do i need to participate?
    Nothing! We will provide you a donor gi during your free trial.
  • What is your code of conduct?
    Keep your ego in check Training is for learning, not winning. Judo is about mutual welfare and benefit. Always have an open mind and try new techniques to open up your game. 2. Safety Tap early rather than late. Always tap your partner or verbally yell "TAP". Take the fall when being thrown. 3. Hygiene Always have trimmed nails. Keep your gi clean. Report if you or anyone else is bleeding. Never walk on the mat with shoes. Wear shoes when off the mat. 4. Profanity Any profanity is not allowed. 5. Respect Be respectful to your training partners.
  • Do i have to compete?
    No, you do not have to compete.
  • Am i too old to start judo?
    No, you are never too old to start.
  • Will i get injured?
    Injuries are the reality of any full contact sport, but we strive to minimize the risk by following safe practice.
  • Will judo get me in shape?
    Yes! Judo is a great full body workout with the added benefit of being more engaging than conventional exercise.
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